Preparing to Sell

Preparing to sell your home or business premises for sale means getting the touch ups and repairs done so you can maximise the returns on sale day!

We’ve all seen the TV shows – Buyers will either fall in love with your home or move onto another.

Planning your makeover ensures you get the biggest impact for the least amount of expenditure. All in One Handyman Services know all the tricks to making your home or business premises stand out from the crowd

Your home is the largest investment you have. Make the most of it by improving the appeal inside and out. On sale day a well prepared property sells faster and usually for more than it would left as it was.

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An All In One Handyman Services Makover

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Preparing to Sell?

All in One Handyman services offer a full renovation and repair service to bring your home back to its best without over capitalising on the property.

Real estate is one of the best long term investments you can have so maximising the return is important for your finances.

When you are preparing to sell, call us first and let’s see how much improvement we can create for you!

Handyman Home Repairs

Home Repairs

  • Repair the deck
  • Touch-up weathered paint on trims
  • Repair rotted timber fascias
  • Paint timber fences for fresh street appeal
  • Realign doors and windows to close correctly
  • Patch and paint any plaster wall damage inside
  • Repaint roof if it necessary
  • Clean up in & around the home
  • Remove hard rubbish
  • Plant fresh flowers in garden beds
  • Pressure clean concrete and pavers
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Things You Can Do

  • De-clutter all rooms and cupboards
  • Consider removing your furniture to storage
  • Rent some display furniture if needed
  • Clean all windows and glass areas
  • Replace any broken globes in lights
  • Clean the oven and cooktop
  • Make the home a blank canvas f
  • Remove all photos and personal items
  • Buyers need to be able to vision themselves here

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