Home Repairs

We are the Local Handyman for all your home repairs!

Let us tackle the jobs that rob you of your weekends. Repairs and Additions keep your home functioning and improve its appeal.

Your job will be completed by a qualified tradesperson. This ensures work is done to the highest standards. As a result –  your home will have lasting appeal and no nasty surprises..

Whether you need simple repairs or a full home makeover, we turn up on time and get the job done! If you are preparing to sell your home there is more help here

Ready to get started? We’ve got some great thought starters for you below:

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Home Repairs: internal

Let’s start inside your home – because that’s where you live.

You want to make the best use of space and have everything working properly.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to have us do the work for you safely.

Common home repairs:

  • Fix damaged doors
  • Fix rotted or stuck windows
  • Changing door knobs and locks
  • Install shelving
  • Install kitchen
  • Repairs to walls and ceilings
  • Painting rooms
  • Minor alterations to walls
  • Install timber floors
  • Resurface old floors
  • Floor tiling

This information has probably given you a good idea of how we can help.

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Home Repairs: External

First impressions count, so outside appearances are important to your home’s value.

You probably know the maintenance jobs that need doing, but have you given thought to improving the outside living areas?

Home makeovers

  • Replace doors or windows
  • Repair deck
  • Build a new deck
  • Repair rotted fascias
  • Install or replace steps
  • External balustrades
  • Paint external trims
  • Roof repairs
  • Guttering clean & repair
  • High pressure cleaning

We can do small or large projects for you – All in One!

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Other  jobs

Finally, it’s time to turn your attention to the things around the home.

A cluttered or untidy yard detracts from your home’s appeal and subsequently its value.

We can improve its look and feel with some simple things that result in a big impact.

Handyman Repairs

  • Repair fences
  • New fences
  • Concrete & paved pathways
  • Repair retaining walls
  • Install retaining wall
  • Garden landscaping
  • High pressure clean exterior walls
  • Clean mildew from pathways
  • Removal of hard waste
  • Construct garden shed
  • Construct a Pergola
  • Minor earthworks
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